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Kensington Mums & Penny the Bee

I was so excited to have my creations as part of Kensington Mums Christmas goody bags this year!! :D

I had so many ideas on what to prepare that I was not certain on what could have been the best option! The goody bags were for the kids Christmas party, so I thought why not making something original? First of all, I wanted to make some cookies because they are the best in terms of remaining fresh and lovely for few days. Once I decided the type of sweet, I was then looking for something unique in terms of decorations :) I didn't want something usual like Santa Claus or other typical Christmas sugar decorations....I was more looking for something.....MAGICAL! :D

So, an idea came into my mind........when someone says 'magical', you immediately think or UNICORNS! :D ....And that's exactly what I have done! Gingerbread Unicorns with a Christmassy twist ;) I thought it was a great idea for kids parties. They love unicorns.....we all love unicorns! :)

I made some gingerbread unicorns cookies and some gingerbread Christmas wreaths in line with the unicorn theme. They were all delivered to My Kid Atelier, an AMAZING space for kids parties and events in Fulham. The team was simply great and very helpful and everything was just perfectly decorated. I wished I was a kid too!!! At Kensington Mums they all loved the cookies and I am glad to have met an incredible and talented mum such as Dina, who runs Kensington Mums. Congratulations to them on their 6th Birthday Anniversary! Fabulous dinner party! :)

Pics of the cookies are here below ;)


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