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Behind the Scenes

At Penny the Bee we believe that the secret for obtaining tasty and amazing sweets lies in the quality of the ingredients used. This is why we only use the finest and top quality ingredients and every creation is handmade with effort, enthusiasm, passion and joy.

We are very focused on details and precision in order to create artistic treats, not only great to see but also delicious to taste. 

We always personally design your special cake listening carefully to your dreams and taking them very seriously.

What we really love, in the 'making of' process, is the decorating part. This part is the part where we can free our imagination and give thousands of shapes to a small ball of sugar paste or create something colorful and fairy with a twist of the wrist and a piping bag full of buttercream.

Working with imagination means to break the schemes and use your istinct; give life to a world full of fragrances, flavours and colors, well combined together in a unique sweet creation.

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