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We have been lucky enough to have the chance to design and create many cakes that have been featured in well-known magazines, online blogs, websites, TV and social media. Please click on the images to open the links.

The National Wedding Show


Creme de la Bride


Rock 'n Roll Bride Instagram

Rock'n Roll Bride Instagram - Cinderella inspired wedding cake

The National Wedding Show Twitter

The National Wedding Show Twitter - Themed Cupcakes

Bride Icon

Beauty and Penny the Bee

Cake Decorating Heaven

Beauty and the Beast Tutorial

Cake Decorating Heaven

Stylish Naked Christmas cake Tutorial

Pink Paradox London

Beauty & the Beast collaboration

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth UK - Honey Cupcakes

Kensington Mums

Birthday Guide 2018


Beautips - St Valentines Cupcakes

Creme de la Bride



Beautips - Easter Cupcakes

Rock 'n Roll Bride Instagram

Rock'n Roll Bride Instagram - Beauty&theBeast inspired wedding cake


Beautips - Colorful Cookies

autumn e logo

Autumn Cupcake in Cake Decorating Heaven

You & Your Wedding Facebook

Facebook Live video at The National Wedding Show - Feb 2017

Cake Decorating Heaven

Fantasy Flowers Tutorial

Edited Image 2016-01-30 19-28-05

Woodland Gnome Cake in Cake Decorating Heaven Summer '16 page 88

Cake Decorating Heaven

Wafer Paper Flowers Tutorial

Cake Decorating Heaven

Woodland Cupcake Toppers in Cake Decorating Heaven May/June 2018 page 94

Cake Decorating Heaven

Handcrafted sugar bees Tutorial



Bride Icon Instagram

Bride Icon Instagram - Fairy Mini Cakes

Living the Life

Living the Life - Tv Show on Islam Channel, Sky 806

Cake Decorating Heaven

Book Cake Tutorial

Cake Decorating Heaven

Halloween cake topper Tutorial

Cake Decorating Heaven

Pineapples Tutorial in Cake Decorating Heaven Sep/Oct 2018 page 54

Cake Decorating Heaven

Penguin Toppers in Cake Decorating Heaven Nov/Dec 2018 page 64


Launching the Dino Bus!

Cake Decorating Heaven

Dinosaur Biscuit Cake in Cake Decorating Heaven Jan/Feb 2019 page 60

Tea & Cake for the Soul blog

Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers 2020


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