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Penny the Bee @ Chelsea's Enchanted Wedding Fair, London

It has been only a month since the last Show and I'm now again exhibiting at this magical wedding fair by Elite at the Chelsea Old Town Hall. A truly enchanted place.

I prepared everything for this big Show with the maximum attention to details. I love details, and I love taking care of every tiny aspect of the wedding table. I brought with me my cakes portfolio, flyers and my super precious notebook to pin down client's bookings and wedding consultations.

The standard of exhibitors was amazing. There were some truly great exhibitors and products!

I added some new cakes to my exhibition, especially one made with Italian confetti (sugar almonds).

Confetti are a tradition to every Italian wedding, and I thought about promoting this idea here in the UK because I believe confetti could be a great addition not only to any cake, but also to wedding favors.

In fact, in Italy, we use to add only 5 confetti to each wedding favor box or package. The reason being that they represent 5 values and wishes: health, happiness, wealth, fertility and long life.

I noticed that Italian confetti were becoming quite popular at the Show, as I was not the only one promoting them, but there was also an English company selling confetti as bespoke wedding favors. I was delighted to see that my idea was well received and everyone admired the cake and asked me questions about it :)

I also introduced 2 new more products: the mini fairy cakes, featured on Bride Icon Instagram profile

...and my bespoke wedding biscuits.

I particularly liked the idea of making bespoke cookies, resembling the bride's wedding dress or the groom's dress, also combining hairstyle and flowers :) They are perfect as wedding favors or to display them on the wedding's sweet table.


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