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The National Wedding Show 2017: Once upon a time...there was a bee...

Hi guys! I just wanted to tell you a bit more about my experience at The National Wedding Show this year! It was great! I met so many interesting people, and lots of potential clients too! As always, it was a big Show with lots of suppliers and amazing catwalks. It is really hard not to find what you are looking for at this Show because there's pretty much everything and lots of stands to take inspiration from. It is definitely a Show you want to see if you are still not sure about your wedding theme, or your wedding cake decorations, or your bridesmaid's dress color. Surely, as an exhibitor, you get to meet lots of people, and potentially start collaborations with other exhibitors, which is always nice and stimulating. I was sooo happy my cakes got lots of attention from the press and media, and from the guests too. One in particular, inspired by The Beauty and the Beast movie, was the star of my stand :) which was posted on different Instagram pages, such as the amazing Rock 'n Roll Bride, YOUnique Events, and many more!! I was also featured in a great video by You & Your Wedding! Watch it here: You & Your Wedding live video

I am really delighted to have received such great and positive feedbacks from everyone visiting my stand. I was even more happy that so many visitors wanted to take pictures of the cakes and they congratulated with me as they commented on my stand to be one of the best.

Building up a stand is always hard. This year I was inspired by other projects I am developing regarding a 'return to nature' theme. I believe people are always looking for ways to escape their hectic life. A wedding could be a nice occasion for a couple to enjoy that special day with their families and friends especially in a peaceful and relaxing environment, surrounded by the harmony of nature, the magic of woodlands and the quiet of the forest. Moreover, it's becoming very fashionable to get married in an old barn or in a hidden enchanted castle, having a fairytale wedding to be remembered forever. This is what inspires me when I create my cakes. I like to think that everyone is living their biggest dream, marrying someone they truly love, and creating the roots of their fairytale life. I like to think I could be part of it by making a stunning and unique cake for them and create memories that will last a lifetime.

I'm posting some pics below for you to see how everything looked like. I hope you enjoy them! See you at the next post ;) bzzzzz!

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