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My 'Best of British' cake @ The Cake & Bake Show, London

This year I have participated to The Cake & Bake Show. Theme of the year was 'Best of British'.

Well, I had a quite intensive week before the show with wedding cakes and collaborations, so I did not have much time to prepare a huge cake but I wanted to take part in the competition, just for fun really :) Soooooo I tried to come up with a 'British' idea for my cake, that could put together different eras and times. After few days thinking about it, I decided to design a cup of tea shaped cake with Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I on top. Next to them I thought about having Sherlock Holmes inspecting Peter Rabbit :D On the sizes, the Union Jack with different London symbols such as the red bus, black cab, phone box and Big Ben.

A mix and match of different icons, exactly as I wanted it :)

All the figurines are handcrafted and made of sugar. The tea cup is real cake and is all hand painted. It took me 4 days to make this cake.


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