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Penny the Bee @ Living the Life on Islam Channel

Hello everyone! I have to admit I am very excited!! :D I'm going to the great TV show 'Living the Life' on Islam Channel, Sky 806, to talk about my cake business and how I started it! wowowowowow!

Let me now tell you about that day and how it went :)

I woke up early that morning - didn't sleep the night before of course - and packed all the cakes to bring to the studios. I had to be there in time for the show as it was LIVE and could not be late! While I was traveling to the studios I was so nervous, but at the same time very excited. I didn't know anything about the questions they were going to ask me and I was in the car wondering about everything and trying to remind myself not to be shy in front of the cameras. I have never been in front of cameras, nor on a TV program, so you could imagine my anxiety in that moment, especially for a LIVE program!! Well, the journey to get there was quite long - or maybe it just felt long - but once there I met the lovely lady who invited me to the show and I instantly felt more relaxed. She was so sweet she helped me unloading all the cakes and prepare me for the interview. She explained me how the program worked and how people were interviewed on the program's red sofa. It was not just me that day, we were 4 people all together to be interviewed, everyone talking about their businesses and work/life experiences. I was the last one, which was quite perfect for me, so I had to see how others replied to the questions and learn in just few minutes how to behave properly in front of cameras and with microphones.

First, there was a short introduction of each participant, asking us just a normal question - to break the ice I suppose - like "what is your favorite food?" and as I replied PIZZA, the second question was "what is your favorite pizza topping?". After this brief introduction, there was a short interruption for ads and stuff. During that break I got a phone call. My parents from Italy! They were watching me on TV!!!!!!!!! My mum promptly suggested me not to be so stiff and trying to look more relaxed - apparently my plan to look easygoing and funny didn't work! ouch! - they could actually see how nervous I was and that was NO good.

The program was now back on and we were all sitting on the sofa ready to be interviewed. My heart rate was furiously accelerating, especially as I did not know the questions and, even if I knew there were all about my business, I didn't know what to really expect. Well, the first question arrived and the more questions they asked me the more I felt relaxed - seriously now -. It was all very smooth and nice and I was happy to be there meeting such lovely interviewers.

I am so thankful I had the chance to get people to know about my cake business and it was also an amazing experience for my self confidence and esteem.

After the show we took some nice pictures I post below. The atmosphere was very nice and friendly.

I defenetely learnt a lot from this, and I feel now more prepared for more TV shows or interviews :)

- hope to have more now ;)) -


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