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A class with Carlos Lischetti @ Squires Kitchen, Farnham

Hello guys, so I have attended a class with Carlos at Squires Kitchen!! I was really looking forward to that class and I must say it was brilliant! Carlos is so talented, he is the guru of sugar modelling figurines and he teaches his class in a really friendly and relaxed way. He really helps you understand all his techniques and teaches you tricks to obtain nice figurines and shapes.

We learnt to make his 'Maestro', an elegant sugar orchestra Maestro.

I really enjoyed attending the class and I am delighted to have met Carlos! I am sure I will attend another class with him soon, as I am eager to learn more of Lischetti's techniques! :D I already have his first book, I am now definitely gonna buy his second!! :D Also, he developed, together with Squires Kitchen, a fantastic sugar modelling paste!! I will be only using his paste in the future because it is really really a great product!!


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