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UAL Central Saint Martins, Interior Styling Course

I am back again and ready to start the 'Interior Styling for Photography and Advertising' course at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London! So exciting!! :D

You may ask yourself why an interior styling course? That's easy to answer.

I thought that I needed to learn some skills in terms of positioning goods and props for a great shoot and eventually for advertising, and the University of the Arts was absolutely the best choice for everything concerning creativity and artistic skills!

What cakes have to do with this? I have recently introduced a new service: sweet table styling.

This service consists in collaborating with a party/event planner to create the perfect party! :) My idea is to be in charge of styling the sweet table, which means finding themed props and decorations and completely style the entire table. As I am a cake decorator I will not only style the table in terms of appearence and color combination, but also develop themed sweet treats and the main cake in line with the party theme.

This course helped me to understand how important the position of every prop is, especially in order to create a great composition for a photo-shoot. Lights and well-combined colors are also fundamental. Attention to details is key. It taught me how the world of advertising works when it comes to photos and magazines, which is quite important to'll never know you end up in a famous magazine with your creation! :D

Below you can see some of the studies we have done in class and around London.

It was an amazing class, our tutor was a famous stylist who worked for lots of different famous brands, and I was so delighted to meet her! She shared with us her passion for photography, art and creativity, and she gave us precious advice on how to source props, to deal with clients and finances, what projects to show to potential buyers, and how to eventually start our own styling business. She showed us different photo techniques and as part of the course we walked around London to study lights, materials and textures in famous high street London shops. Even if the course was principally focused on interiors I feel I have acquired new precious skills and learnt valuable information, which can also be applied to tables and parties, and I can't wait to start doing it! :D


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