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Penny the Bee & Pink Paradox London

Hi guys, I just wanted to share with you the wonderful experience I had at Pink Paradox London today! Just WOW! A woman's heaven! Dreamy shiny shoes everywhere!!

I had the pleasure to meet Jacob, their very talented photographer, for a great photo shoot we organized to celebrate the upcoming Beauty & the Beast Disney movie. The photo shoot featured some of my Beauty & the Beast inspired cupcakes and their gold Peyton shoes, which remind us of beautiful Belle's gown. The combination of my cupcakes and their shoes was just perfect, not only in style but also in colors and shapes. I was delighted Jacob invited me for this shoot because it was such an amazing experience to see the backstage of it while he explained me how the lights work and how to position them in order to obtain the desired effect. I learnt a lot.

Unfortunately we could not eat the cupcakes (such a shame!!) but I had a splendid time at Pink Paradox London Office. Their shoes are just a perfect match to any dress, wedding, cocktail, or simply elegant and I definitely recommend a visit to their website:

If you want to read more about our photo shoot experience please read their blog here :)


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