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Penny the Bee @ Pica Pastry School, Milan

For this weekend I was back in my beautiful hometown Milan to attend a fantastic Master in Modern Patisserie at Pica Pastry School with the famous Maestro Massimo Pica :)

Not just that, that weekend was also my birthday weekend!! yaaaay! :D

It was such an amazing experience! Really great! I have learnt new techniques and acquired new skills. I have learnt to make the famous 'mirror cake' and I am so over the moon for this!

The class was very nice and my colleagues were all passionate about pastry and sweets, so it was the perfect place to share this passion and let the creativity run freely.

The course lasted 2 days and it was quite intensive, especially with the production because all the cakes made were so hard to make! We made 3 cakes in total but I can guarantee you that the recipes were quite complicated, but the result really amazing.

The taste was just perfect and I was amazed by everything I was able to learn in such a short period of time.

I am now really looking forward to make more cakes like the ones made at the School and to add my personal touch to each one of them ;)


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