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Autumn in a fairy Italian woodland

I have made these woodland inspired autumn cupcakes for displaying purposes for my friend's beautiful shop in Milan's suburb. The shop sells bread and other bakery products, all amazingly made by my friend Daniela who owns the shop. The bakery is a famous local attraction not only for the great artisan products but especially for her window!! We are all in love with it!! She always decorates her shop window according to the season and always has different themes. Daniela's decorations are so attractive and done with a perfect attention to details. Love is an essential ingredient to all of her products and her windows and you can really feel it when you walk by. The desire to have a look at the shop is immediate! You just cannot resist not to fall in love with it :) Daniela is not a simple bread maker, she is an incredible designer from every angle! She always looks out for the ultimate fashion trends while using refined decorations. If she cannot find what she exactly wants, she just makes it! She is so talented I can't even tell you how. We are all in AWEEE every single time :)

I share some pics with you below. These are only pictures of the autumn window but almost every month she changes it and it's always a big and special event for the local community.


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