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Penny the Bee @ The Cake & Bake Show!!

I've been to The Cake & Bake Show last weekend as a trader and I really had an incredible time! It was my first time at the Show as an exhibitor (of course I go to the Show every year as a costumer to buy lots of stuff from all the great suppliers!!) and I have to say that it was a really wonderful experience. The organisers were all so kind and helpful since the beginning and the whole organisation was really professional.

I booked my stand last minute without actually having a clear idea of all the equipment I would have needed, but one thing I knew was that I wanted to launch my new #gingerastrodolls !!! :) So, I bought A LOT of different materials in order to have a stand that could have actually looked as magical as I had it in mind.

I had this vision of having bamboo wickers and magical star lights around them while displaying also planet biscuits and constellation biscuits as part of my new Magical Cosmic Collection :)

Unicorns were also on the list of course, and I decided to put them in their clear cabinet with a pink unicorn head light to create an even more magical stall.

I have to say that the days at the Show have been really hectic. Being my first one I was not actually used to be THAT multi-tasking XD but in all honesty I had great fun! :) Fortunately I was not alone, my mum and a dear friend of mine came to help me and support me for the whole 3 days. I have learnt a lot from those 3 days, especially how to deal with clients efficiently and to be fast in serving and most importantly quick-thinking! I've understood the importance of being empathetic with costumers while being a good trader in making offers and deals.

It was definitely an overall wonderful experience and I wish to be able to participate again in the future!

Here are some pics of my stand, which was all dressed up with a magical/galaxy/cosmic feeling :)


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