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How am I getting on with the new studio?

So, the first items are here! It was so hard to choose everything and trying not to go over budget!

It took me almost 3 months (and with Christmas in between it was even terrible in terms of timing) of researching and making up my mind of what I'd REALLY need.

I didn't want to buy a lot of equipment as this is something I would be doing later in the near future, if needed. I just felt I needed some basic equipment, so I got the best of the best amongst hundreds of fridges and ovens. I am actually quite happy that I have been able to stay within my initial budget whilst having some very good equipment to work with! :)

Nonetheless, I had a wonderful surprise of finding a new shiny tag on my door! Thank you Alpha Beta Centre!

I also added furnitures such as cupboards and drawers to keep all my decorating tools clean and tidy. I also felt a coffee/tea station was necessary, not just for my busy working nights, but also for parents and clients who would come visiting me.

I have added lots of different magical items for little artists to have a look at and be inspired :)

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