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Sugar Modelling course with Emanuela Coppini, Rome

Rome Rome Rome!

I travelled to Rome today for my 1-2-1 sugar modelling course with sugar artist Emanuela Coppini (Le Torte di Twin)! I was so excited to meet her. I admire all her amazing works and creations. In my opinion she is one of the best sugar artists in the world! Please spare few moments to check her sugar dolls on her website www.letorteditwin.cit - I truly recommend everyone interested in improving their skills in sugar modelling, to take a course with her. She does collective courses as well as 1-2-1. I preferred to choose a 1-2-1 simply because I only had one day available from my training course in fine patisserie in Milan and I got the chance to travel to beautiful Rome and spend 5 fantastic hours with her :) Unfortunately I had to get back to Milan soon after the course, so I did not have much time to walk around the city but I'll surely be back for a nice vacation.

In 5 hours we managed to make 2 fantastic sugar dolls. She thought me lots of tricks and tips to get all the shapes and dimensions right. We used her sugar modelling paste, which I recommend everyone to buy!! It's the best sugar modelling paste I have ever used! It's made with particular focus on making bodies rather than clothes and accessories, and I can assure you that it is truly awesome. It is flexible and with no creases, very easy to shape.

I really had a great time with her, she was so sweet and helpful and made me feel really comfortable. I am sharing some pics with you of the sugar dolls we made. Unfortunately, I cannot post the whole bodies as the figurines are naked (just not to risk Google to remove them or obscure them somehow ahaha) :)

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