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Fantasy Flowers

You need:


White sugar florist paste

Stamens (various dimensions)

Edible glue

Soft brush

Fine brush

Rolling pin





Large Daisy flower cutter

Ball Tool

Dust edible colors (various colors of your choice)

Small Rose cutter (5 petals)

White sugar pearls

Small round cutter (approx. 20mm)

Foam pad

Foam dry pad for sugar flowers, or large flower palette - alternatively your avocado tray will do

Metallic liquid edible colors (such as gold, bronze, copper or purple) – alternatively a little bit of vodka








  1. Roll out your white sugar florist paste. Do not make it too thin, as you won’t need to have it that way for this kind of flowers. Remember that you are making fantasy flowers and you can be as much creative as you like. Using your daisy cutter, cut out as many flowers as you wish.


2. Using your ball tool start from the end of each petal and drag your tool up to the center of the flower in order to create a wave as shown in the picture.









3. Now, place your flowers in your avocado tray or foam dry pad (or large flower palette) to give them the shape shown in the picture. Leave them to dry.


4. In the meantime, roll out another small amount of your white sugar florist paste. Using your small rose cutter, cut out some rose shapes.


  5. With your ball tool repeat the same technique you used for the daisies to give them a nice twirl.


6. Using your edible glue and your fine brush, stick a rose shape in the middle of each daisy.


  7-8. Prepare your colors. Using your soft brush, color the flowers as you like. Remember to be very gentle and not to use too much pressure, as the flowers are very fragile once dried. 

















9. Once you have used your dust colors, you can add a little bit of intensity to your flowers by adding some liquid colors. I recommend to use metallic colors, such as gold, bronze, copper or even purple. If you do not have metallic colors, you can mix your dust colors with a little bit of vodka and have your liquid colors anyway. Apply the liquid colors on your petals.


10. Now roll out a small amount of your white sugar florist paste. Cut out as many circles as your flowers.
















11. Dust your circles according to the color of each of your flowers. Stick the circles in the middle of your flowers with some edible glue.

12. Now, insert your stamens (approx. 10) inside your fresh circle as shown in the picture and leave to dry. You can color the head of each stamen if you like, by using your liquid colors.







13. Attach a small white sugar pearl in the middle of your circle and press gently.


14. You can create as many fantasy flowers as you wish, combining colors and shapes. Leave them to dry on your foam dry pad.


















15. Once each flower is completely dried, remember to color the back part as well.


You can use these flowers on cakes or cupcakes for an extra enchanted effect! Always remember to remove the flowers before eat the cake, or cupcakes, as the flowers are not edible due to the stamens used inside.

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