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Easter Cupcakes

What you need:


- your favourite cupcakes (I chose chocolate! yummy!)

- green buttercream


For the decorations:


- cupcake wrappers (white fence design)

- chocolate eggs in various colors



- piping bags

- nozzle 233 (grass effect)

- cupcake cases (color: green/spring design)

- muffin/cupcakes baking tray

- spatula or wooden spoon

- electric whisk

- rolling pin

- bisturi (or sharp knife)

- leaf shaping tool (or a toothpick)

- white and pink modelling paste/sugar flower paste (if you only have the white one, make sure you have a pink gel/paste to color your modelling paste)

Let's decorate!

Grass Effect

Once you have prepared your favourite cupcakes and the green buttercream, we can start working on our decorations!

With a bread knife cut the eventual raised tops of each cupcake (1).

Now take a piping bag (2), insert the nozzle n. 233, cut the end of the bag with a pair of scissors and pass the cone half way through (3).

Rolled the upper part of the piping bag as shown in photo (4) so as to have your hand covered by the piping bag itself to prevent the butter cream from spreading  everywhere and to have a less slippery grip. Using a spatula, fill in the pastry bag with the green colored butter cream  and press lightly to bring down the cream to the nozzle; twist the empty top of the  bag (5)  and put it in a vertical position with the nozzle placed just above the cupcake (6).

Starting from the edges, begin to decorate the cupcakes making pressure on top of the piping bag to bring down the buttercream, creating a bunches of  fresh green grass (7). Continue to decorate with the buttercream as to cover the entire cupcake (8). Repeate the same movements with all the other cupcakes (9).

Now take your beautiful colored chocolate eggs (10) and put three eggs of different colors on each cupcake (11). There you go! You have made some excellent and easy Easter, which I am sure will go down a treat! :)

If you wish to add some cute bunny ears, keep reading the tutorial and I will explain how to make them. It is a fun idea to make with your friends or with the kids.

Bunny Ears

Take the pink and white sugar modelling paste and make two balls; one white and one pink (1); the white to be a little bit bigger than the pink one. Take the rolling pin and roll out the balls that you just created, taking care not to roll them too thin (2) (3).

Now place the pink sugar paste over the white one (4) roll them together with the small rolling pin to make sure that the two  stick together properly. Take now your bisturi, design and cut out some freehand  bunny ears silhouettes (5). Remove the excess paste around the ears and you will get some beautiful two-colored ears (6), pink inside and white on the outside.

With a leaf shaping tool (7) (or a toothpick) apply a slight pressure on the basis of the ears (8) and fold the both ends towards each other; the result will be many small ears with the typical dimple of bunny ears (9).

Now insert the bunny ears between the eggs previously placed on cupcakes (10). Finally, with the beautiful white fence cupcake wrappers (11) wrap your cupcakes and your Easter cupcakes are ready! (12)


Happy Easter!!

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