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Christmas Bees

Featured in Cake Decorating Heaven. You can also find this tutorial on Cake Decorating Heaven's website:

For the bees


-yellow and white sugar paste

-light blue, black and red modelling sugar paste


To decorate & Special Equipment


-Rolling pin

-flower/leaf shaper tool

-mini palette knife

-drop shape cutter


-edible glue



1. Take a piece of yellow sugar paste and make a shape of a bee with your hand.


2. Roll out some black modeling sugar paste with the rolling pin. Cut 2 stripes with your mini palette knife and wrap them around the bee’s body fixing them with some edible glue.

3. With the flower/leaf shaper tool create a hole in the upper part of the bee’s body between the 2 black stripes to insert the wings.


4. Create the wings by rolling out a small piece of light blue modelling sugar paste. Cut out 2 wings with the drop shape cutter. Stick the wings on the bee and press firmly.

5. To obtain the eyes make 2 small balls with white sugar paste and 2 very small balls with black sugar paste and stick them on the white balls.


6. To make the hat, use a tiny piece of red modelling sugar paste and shape it as a cone. Wrap  a piece of white sugar paste around the base of the cone. With your mini palette knife now cut off a little part of the white base in order to obtain a flat base. Stick a tiny ball of white sugar paste on top of your red cone.


7. Stick the hat on top of the bee’s head. With the flower/leaf shaper create the smile. If you want to obtain an ‘astonished’ expression create a hole instead of a smile with the same tool.

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